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Why Proper Skin Care Is Important

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Why Proper Skin Care Is Important

Skin care is a major concern for many people (myself Included) especially women. However, are people consistent enough in bettering the appearance and health of their skin? Is skin care an inborn act or do you just pick it up sometimes and relapse every now and then?

I Understand how you feel

I get it. You may not have been brought up with hi-end skin care products or even worse, not been told about the importance of skin care. So, you go for long years cluelessly doing the wrong things and when you later realize, you are 30 and wrinkles have attacked you like a plague. Or maybe you picked the wrong random advice and fell into an endless ditch of perfect product search for your nightmare of a skin. Well, that’s quite dramatic but it is also a vast reality.

Proper skin care means it should be consistent. This is because, a few relapses here and there reflect on your skin. Wrinkles, dark spots, skin disease…All the repercussions of not taking care of the skin are nasty. They often leave people feeling bad about themselves or even worse, losing their self-esteem. However, it doesn’t have to be that bad if you know why skin care matters and follow the healthy skin care tips.


Why does skin care matter?

A question for you. Why does a healthy body matter? Your mind is obviously buzzing with answers to this question. Well, those answers are also perfect for the above question. However, with skin health, not many people will sympathize with a condition you have.


You feel what you look

Skin care matters because when we look great, we also tend to feel great. When you wear something indecent, you feel conscious about what people think about you and you may start behaving weird to cope with the situation. This is the same thing about skin appearance. You walk with confidence and worry about other important things if your skin looks and feels healthy. The vice versa is not a great feeling.


Skin care is body care

What you put or don’t put on your skin matters to your body health. When you let your skin burn too much without sunscreen, you might get skin cancer. That would affect you just like any other cancer. When you expose your skin to bad conditions without giving a damn, you will cause the skin some problems that could affect your health too. This is why skin care matters a great deal


3 Important Skin Care Tips

Only three? Some people might be disappointed by the number because they think caring for the skin is this complicated practice. Some also think that there is some skin care secret that they don’t know. It’s like not taking fruits at all and searching for the perfect multi-vitamins. In the contrary to what many people perceive skin care, it is mainly influenced by basic things that you should do.


1.Eat a Balanced Diet Including Drinking Lots of Water

Have you tried knowing what your skin needs for a smooth glowing appearance? If yes, where have you been finding those nutrients. This tip is pretty basic but is the most important of all thousands of skin care tips. Eat a balanced diet while increasing the amounts of things that could benefit your skin. Do it in moderation, a little bit of the natural goodies go a long way. And water, that’s the most important moisturizer your skin needs


2.Protect Your Skin From The Scorching Sun

Apart from risk of skin cancer, too much unprotected sun exposure could ruin your skin appearance. It could get dark spots, wrinkles and overall aging easily. Does this mean you should stay away from the sun? No. You can regulate the amount of sun reaching you by avoiding it when it’s too hot, wearing sunscreen or protective clothing to shield the strong sun rays.


3.Improvise a Subjective Skin Care Routine

Why subjective? Because your skin isn’t like the next person’s. You get to decide your skin care routine by trying which natural products work best for you and your skin. You can also practice the basic skin care tips like exfoliation, moisturization and others to achieve your best appearance all the time.


Is skin care that important?

Too important. And get this straight, I am no skin care saint. In fact, I was the worst of them all. I had all the bad skin care habits and it has cost me big time. I have grown up seeing people do make up while I kept resenting it. I was negligent about the whole skin care issue because to my silly young mind, too much care meant consistent make up. However, the worst part wasn’t not having a skin care routine. It was not doing any of the above first two tips.


My personal Skin Care Story: Why Proper skin Care is Important

My dad used to call me a camel during dinner because I would never sip water. Instead I quenched my thirst with other sweet drinks or ice cream. This was until I was done with my first 20 years on this planet when I realized how on the edge I had been living. I started a skin care routine with natural products that I’ve researched and also work on my skin. It’s probably great that I’ve started investing on my skin now because I would have reached the 30 year mark (even earlier with the pace I was going with) only to regret why I didn’t take care of my then aging skin in time. I would have probably hated myself and lost my confidence. That’s a nightmare even you shouldn’t have.

Skin care is really important for our appearance and also peace of mind. If your skin is healthy, you will feel healthy and think about more important matters. Start taking care of your skin properly today my friend!

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