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Motivation For Soccer

Max C.

Motivation For Soccer

This is the best video I have seen thus far.

How It All Came to Be 

When I was a young pup, I enjoy to play soccer a lot and came to join a soccer team at my local school. The coach says to me that I am a good goalkeeper. So therefore, goalkeeper should be my main position.

We played various friendly matches, trained very hard, and I even played soccer for fun on my spare time. My team was the best team ever, or so I thought.

The Last Match Began

Then, the final match began. The scorching sun came about at the final soccer game that would decide who would win it all and who will lose everything we  worked so hard to achieve, and so it began.

The game began: The score was even at 1-1 in the few first seconds of the match. I thought to myself this is strange. No one has ever scored a goal on me. Then, I noticed this team was the other best soccer team that played at our local school!

After a few seconds: minutes felt like hours, and hours felt like days! Neither team refused to give up or give in under the scorching sun and pressure!

The Final Penalty Shoot-out Was Announced

Then all of the sudden, the final whistle was blown after extra time was played; to declare and announce the penalty shoot-out  the score was still tied 1-1.

So it began the final penalty shoot-out: we got ready as I was getting ready at the goal; I had to stop the ball. Barely able to withstand such pressure, I somehow managed to stop the ball gracing my arm and deflecting it barely enough to miss the goal.

In a penalty shoot-out, each team takes turns shooting at the goal from the penalty mark, with the goal only defended by the opposing team’s goalkeeper.

There were more: I try to stop what felt like an insurmountable amount of rapid fast pace objects, strong hitting projectiles heading straight into my face and prevent the ball from scoring a goal deflecting them with my hands.

Each team has five shots which must be taken by different kickers; the team that makes more successful kicks is declared the victor.

That Fateful Evening

That fateful evening: The score of penalty kicks is 1-2 in favor of the opposing team. I was next and the fourth player to try to kick the ball into the goal during the penalty shootout to try and even the score.

At the end, I missed the goal: the ball passed close by the side of the goal barely missing the goal. I was in shock.

This is the most Shocking and most fateful evening in a soccer match I ever experienced, my team lost their first game during the final match, that fateful evening was a life changing experience:

I Failed and start to doubt myself,

My Biggest Fear came about: Failure, I and my team lost the game.

One of the greatest trials in my life Begin: I have to defeat the Enemy Within.

Check out their Site Here: Fearless Motivation

Enter The Shadows: The Enemy Within

Only me and my team are left in the field pondering: What are we doing wrong?

We see our shoes and see that our shoes are used and thorn, hurting our feet.

Then we see: The Sun was no more, darkness arose from every corner; it was nighttime, the time of darkness.

The Shadows in the darkness sprint from the outskirts of the field.

Our greatest rivals the Shadows appear before us; an embodiment of our fears, doubts, and failure.

The Home Team vs The Shadow Team

Then, the soccer game begins; the Home team vs the Shadows team.

Where the winning team will be crown VICTORIOUS, and the losing team will lose their DREAMS, HOPES, and MEMORIES that will be no more from the face of the earth!

Deja Vu: The Same Game Again?

Just as before it was as if we are playing the same exact match again, but this time hours feel like days, and those days feel like years. Even bigger doubts pass through my mind.

Is the past repeating itself?

We are tied 1-1, but we are burn out and I Can’t feel my legs from playing what seem like days, yet at the same time my feet Hurt so much from the worn shoes I am wearing.

Then, I feel like years pass me by, and the Sun as yet to come out?

As the final whistle is blown, It comes time for penalty shoot-outs.

Only better soccer equipment may give me and my team a fighting chance against the shadows.

This Is It

This is it, Is my will strong enough to live, or will I become a lost memory in time?

Or a forgotten legend?

Or, will I Reclaim My Rightful place in Life and Become The Champion I was always destined to become?


Indeed, In this game of epic proportions, the rules State: A tie in this Game Signifies that the Home team loses, and the Shadows team Wins.

The Score is 4-4

I am the last to kick for the goal All the Pressure unyielding, it is up to me.

To think that the fate of my friends, my family, my dreams and everything I fight for is at stake here: All the stakes of all my life!

The Final Score

I Miss the goal.



How did I miss the same goal twice?

The Shadows defeat my team, and I collapse on the ground to await my final fate.

The Final Fate

My Biggest Fear arrives once more: The Final Fate arrives.

All alone in such a lonely night, my memories have forsaken me. I see the faces of people in my head that appear familiar Ana? I don’t remember anything or anybody by that name.

Why am I here in this world? No one answered. What is my name?

The Game Begins

I have to play a game they call soccer, with a bunch of strangers in my team. The Game begins.

Deja Vu: The Same Game Again?

We score a goal and so do they: we tie the game 1-1.

A Gift From Up Above

All of us regain slowly but surely our memory. We see something fall from the nightly sky.

A gift from up above?

There it was from up above, a package descended from the heavens.

In a second just like that, life changes, a gift to even the odds: Brand New and the Best Soccer cleat shoes In existence!

With our new found Hope and Strength, we just might as well even the odds, and even have a fighting chance to victory over these Shadows!


So, we put our new shoes and our newfound Strength comes back!

No wonder we lost the last 100 games we played! How did we not notice we were shoe less since forever?

Finally, our shoes were on and nothing could stop us.

The Final Moment

At the Final Moment, Shoot-outs begin and the score is tied 4-4.

So, I have to score the final goal.

But this time the shadow guarding the goal is clear for the world to see: It was me.

I am preventing myself from scoring the final goal. I am fighting my shadow self.

Against all odds, I score the final goal.

We win, I win, you win.

I defeat the doubts, the obstacles and my own worst enemy: myself in an epic battle of massive proportions.

The Sun rose again in the horizon, it was a brand new day and beginning indeed.

Thank you,  you assisted me to achieve victory over my rivals in my darkest hour (literally), and have made possible my dream to become a reality in my life, and your dream can also come true!

From that day on I made sure to work harder everyday to make my dreams come true and play soccer for fun and give it my all 100% of the time 100% of all the soccer games I play from now on, and everything else I do!

Everything happens so fast in life, Stay positive stay strong, work harder everyday to make your dreams come true my friend!

Try this Challenge Today: Remember your dream in life and never forget it, start achieving your goal right now, and take the first step (big or small) towards your dream life, Today as soon as possible!

Achieve your dream my friend you can do it too! Until next time my friend, have a nice and productive day!

For more motivation on: How to love what you do go read this post you will love it my friend!

  1. Man Do Man Do

    Hello max, love the pic of you and the motivation but I am here 4 the shoes. I heard from a friend that they are very good, thanks.

    • Max Chuitry Max Chuitry

      Thank you Mr. Do for your comment.

      I am glad you like your new shoes!

      You are welcome here any time Mr. Do I am always happy to hear from you!

      See you soon my friend!

      Best wishes to you and yours,

      Max C.

  2. Maggie Maggie

    Hi Max, thank you for the recommendation about the shoes they are very nice. I like the color. They are very comfortable. Thank you.

    • Max Chuitry Max Chuitry

      Thank you very much Maggie for commenting.

      I also like these shoes!

      Thank you again I am happy that you enjoy your new shoes!

      have a nice and productive day Maggie!

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