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How to Clean Your Bedroom

Max C.

How to clean your bedroom

Have a strategy in place to clean your Whole House and Bedroom!

Clean your bedroom, make sure you make your bed every morning of everyday. First of all, this is the most essential and a must for having a clean bedroom, a home without a made bed is not a good sign to guests in your home. Likewise, put everything in place so that the room looks impeccable as it should always look!

Most strategies work to have a cleaner and nicer home Here I will give you the best strategy to clean not only your home, but also your bedroom the most important part of your home! Let us begin!

The Closet

Hang your clothes in the closet, all the clothes that you wash and clean should be folded and stored in your closet or cabinet. This is done to have yourself  a more relaxed environment for you to feel happier and not to wash the clothes again should they fall to to the floor.

Also, clothes that you will use later or the next day should be in the closet in a place where you can easily access them, make sure this place is a designated space were you can have a defined area where you know your daily clothes are located and ready to be put in the next second, hour, day, millennium.

The Laundry Basket

It may be inviting to throw your clean clothes in the bed, or the floor, but dirty clothes in the floor or bed damages the image of your bedroom and makes it filthy!

You do not want a filthy bedroom and/or home do you? Then do not throw your clothes in the floor randomly everywhere!

Instead, put you dirty clothes in a specific location the laundry basket, and place the laundry basket in the place that is the most convenient for you for easy access.

Also, classification of clothes is essential! have two baskets if possible make sure you make a distinction between the dirty clothes and the clean clothes! you don’t want to wash clean clothes and wear dirty clothes do you?

Clean the spilled food

Food anywhere in your home can attract bugs, including the bedroom. Therefore, always try to keep your bedroom clean and free from food, unless you like bed bugs.

Certainly if you eat on your bedroom make sure you always clean after yourself, or the bed bugs will!

Everything, Anything, and Nothing

Everything you own should have a place were you can store it properly.

Hence, anything that you use should always be put back to the place you designate it to or the places where you need it to be.

Furthermore, nothing should clutter your bedroom. The extra stuff you do not need or want you can recycle it, donate it, sell it, or throw it away.

Cleaning your bedroom is easy, everything is in the details, as easy as making your bed! For even easier results…

Try this challenge: make your bed the next morning you wake up!

Until next time my friend!