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5 Benefits of Fasting and Cleansing

Natural Remedies

Health Related Benefits of fasting and Cleansing

“Classic Dr. Jason Fung Explaining The Secrets of ‘Therapeutic Fasting'”

Hey Friend, I have an incredible Topic that is going to help you burn fat, lose weight, cleanse and detox your body, Also boost your energy level help you get rid of brain fog. This is possibly the biggest thing somebody can do to experience a breakthrough. I know You are going to get into a lot of details today about the benefits of fasting and helping your body experience a Breakthrough. And so I know that obviously a lot of people talk about it a lot as It’s been done for centuries.

What is Fasting? and What are Some of the Benefits of Fasting?

Absolutely, today we will also talk about about unlocking the healer within You! Here’s the great news fasting and cleansing has been clinically studied to relieve arthritis to reduce skin issues, tumors. can shrink weight can certainly be useful to lose addictions to food and other things. The Addiction can be Broken and you can retake your health back. And best of all, this can be accomplished by effortlessly doing fasting. In fact, you can finally make healthy money! Because All of This Fasting and Cleansing: You are Able To Do it with little or no effort! If you are sitting there saying I can’t fast I don’t want to do this. I cannot possibly, I will give you a cleanse that we’re going to talk about today that You Can Absolutely Do There are Five major benefits to fasting and cleansing we’re going to cover and there are Five fast and cleanses we are going to help you with to cater it to your individual situation. And we’re going to challenge you to embark on a cleanser a fast and we believe you are going to accelerate your health like never before.

The Things That I Think About Intermittent Fasting

You know one of the things that I think that Everyone do not realize about fasting is that again, it is not necessarily more expensive, it is actually less expensive and the other thing too is we are not going to tell you necessarily…there are a lot of different types of fasting, so you might be thinking I am going to tell you not to eat for a week and only do water. This really is not what I am here to tell you, that is indeed one type of fast. But there are many more different types and all kinds of fasting, some more challenging, others very easy to follow like for example Intermittent Fasting, but You Know one of the things I Am about to tell You could create a breakthrough, especially for You. If you suffer from: digestive issues it is incredible fighting cancer I Foresee that fasting and Cleansing can be incredible (when done properly and with professional supervision) just again if you are the chosen one of those people where maybe, you have tried different diets supplements and different things and you just are not experiencing that breakthrough that you know you should be having fasting can help your body do that. So Get ready we are almost going to talk about the many (Five) wonderful Healthy benefits of fasting let’s go ahead my friend!

Start off With the Tight Procedure and Benefits

Let us go with the band. Let us start off with the benefits. Number one here. detoxification. If you are somebody who feels like you have been exposed to Heavy Toxic Metals, if you got Bacterial, Viral, Fungal toxins in your body, you are in for a treat, because fasting is the best and quickest way to relieve Any and all toxins from your body! It is amazing what can happen when you unlock the healer from within. You know, one of the things I want to mention here, and this is so important to remember is that your body heals itself (As long as you maintain it with the proper Health care and maintenance off course!) A lot of times, we (you and I) think that, hey, there is a certain something or secret pill or an herb or a food that is going to heal my body. And really, a lot of times, what we need to do is just remove the interference (Toxin Source) or allow our organs to rest (by Fasting) so they can actually work properly as intended, and not malfunction, or turn off accidentally forever. Think about this every time you are eating. For instance, your liver is doing work, your gallbladder is doing work. If you don’t eat anything for a period of time longer than normal, let’s say rather than most of the time. We only give our bodies about eight hours rather than 17 or more. During that time, your liver says okay, I am the Leader now. Now I don’t have to spend my energy digesting fats or doing other unnecessary chores for the rest of those ungrateful organs. Instead, I am going to be getting rid of these heavy metals, and toxins, and harmful chemicals during that time.

So Your Organ System Rests

So that’s one of the great benefits is when you rest that organ system, it is better able to detail right? Yes! So think about this. If You are somebody who is very busy male or female(or robot, or extraterrestrial) , and you must get a really big task list, you must always be doing something no matter what . But imagine if you are a man or female(or robot or extraterrestrial) and your spouse(or lover, or friend) is gone, your kids are gone. say they went on a trip and all of a sudden you find yourself at home and maybe there’s no game on the TV or maybe there is no friends to hang out with What Do You Do? Well, you know what, I am going to start cleaning things up around the house. I am going to clean out the garage. I am going to make this place spic and span. Your body does the same thing. So when you do not eat or when you are very selective with what you eat. You don not burn your digestive system. Your body goes and cleans up your mess. It is the most important powerful principle behind Detox

Huge Detoxification

Remove the interference and let the body heal. So detoxification is an obvious one. This is a huge one. People do not realize that they think, that they need to eat a lot before they are in a medium(state) of presentation. If you have an empty stomach and you are going to any type of meeting or even an event, your alertness goes through the roof. Yeah, you May have issues with mental clarity and focus, Fasting and Cleansing Will Unlock your Mental Health, I witness. Yeah, absolutely. You know, a lot of times other experts talk about this. And I think about this, actually, we may get into this conversation deeper a little bit later. Now that I am thinking. But you know, our (Perfect) body has a balance of the sympathetic response and parasympathetic response, you know, and I did a lot of exercise in the past, and I would never go and try and eat like a big cheeseburger while I was in the middle of my exercise, because my body is sending all of its energy to my extremities, all of the blood flow to those areas. So think about this. It is the exact same( or similar Concept when you Exercise: Do Not Eat Big Cheese Burgers While you Exercise!

When You Do not Eat Anything

Or Rather a similar Concept you should hear is. When you don’t eat anything, or rather you have nothing in your stomach, your body, instead of sending it to the extremities and other organs and tissues, it can all concentrate where it needs to concentrate. So when you are eating on, or when you are having an empty stomach, again, all of your energy can be utilized by the area of your body that needs it the most. If in a meeting, if studying for a test doing these things, it really is all going to your brain. So it can be great for you. And every clinic, natural health retreat, even medical establishment, such as hospitals, in the old days, had fasting and cleansing as a part of medical textbooks. This was part of it. When we go different parts of the country, they will show you these long forgotten Health secrets.

Fasting and cleansing were always part of the deal.

Fasting and cleansing were always part of the deal. So what is Secret Number Three? We got mental clarity, this is a huge one. When you fasten cleanse, you dramatically reduce inflammation because the cells that are going to the different areas are not in high response there are is great research on us to and rheumatoid arthritis that had almost a complete cessation of pain after a fast he wow is incredible. a study recently on stem cells and they were actually talking about the number one way to boost your stem cells was through fasting eating less food get younger (Like a time Machine that Rewinds Time Itself! ) We have this faster and easier alternative to look younger and rewind the hands of time, but alas I digress, yes so it’s pretty incredible if you think about it. So again, when your body when you when you are not eating there during that time, stem cells are really what they help with anti aging. They help with creating new cartilage and tissue so you if you have an injury or you are looking to heal your body in a specific area again, fasting is fantastic. Absolutely. Alright, we’re going to reduce inflammation.

Find The Best Fasting For the Best (You)

Right now, we are talking about the many benefits of fasting. And then We are going to get into the different types of Fasting You can get into, in fact, Five different types of fasting. We will talk about the best type of fasting for you. If you are looking to improve gut health, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, experience, a spiritual or emotional breakthrough. We are going to get into all that here today. Now We are jumping into reducing cravings. This is big, you know, as I research, it has been shown that fasting helps you break addictions. In the old days when people were trying to come off, of nicotine, alcohol and prescription medications. Fasting it was somewhat miserable to go through, but it worked if you have Ridiculous consuming cravings going on a fasting cleanse absolutely can change that.

The Path to a Fasting Diet

And I have known people that were decade long smokers, alcoholics, etc. that were able to put themselves through a fasting diet and come out of it and break that addiction. That is, you will experience A Similar freedom with a fasting regiment, that in my opinion is pretty awesome. You know, one of the things I have seen often about fasting diets, and thinking about when people are fasting in general: historically let us say, often how many times do people do a fasting diet? What is the way some people do it? Today, sometimes we isolate ourselves when we are fasting. I was just thinking about that, versus how some people do fasting diets in a community. If You know someone else is going through a hard time with you, it is a lot easier. So, this one Method is to encourage You if you are planning on going through one of the fasting Strategies we talk about, hey, grab a spouse, lover, friend that can suffer with you or supports and cheers for you, or has an accountability experience of a any kind with you. This is a great thing to do especially with a friend, or community group, or a church group, or your local club. Many Fasting Diets are great to do, but again, it must be done in a manner and length that you are the most comfortable with, also in moderation and preferably with the help of a Healthcare professional, in a supervised manner.

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Thank you My Friend, Have a Nice and Productive Day!

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